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Keno is one of the fastest growing, most enjoyable online casino games to play. In Keno you choose anywhere between 1 and 20 numbers, out of a possible 80. If enough of the numbers picked match the numbers you picked, you win! It is very similar to playing most lotteries, except that you do not have to wait a day or longer to find out if you have won. Unlike blackjack and other more complex casino games, keno is a game of luck.

We have created this site for one big reason: To help all keno enthusiasts play keno safely and responsibly in the privacy of their own home. Gone are the days where you can only find keno in casinos or slot parlors; online keno has so many additional features that casino players wish were available at live venues. Online keno games feature the ability to play multiple numbers for a variety of dollar amounts, and your numbers are available instantly.

Play Jackpot Keno Online

There is no strategy or card counting involved, you pick your numbers and hope for the best! Some are turned off by this aspect but there is definitely a place for a laid back online casino game, after all, playing casino games online is about having fun first and foremost!

Keno Odds

The keno odds, or the house edge that you experience while playing Keno, depends on how many numbers you pick and where you decide to play keno online. The house edge in Keno will generally float between 5 and 20 percent. This may seem high compared to the 1% house edge or so you will experience playing blackjack or the fewer than 5% house edge involved in many roulette, slots, or craps games.

However, it is unfair to compare Keno to other casino games because it is so different. For starters, there is the remote possibility that all of the numbers you choose could hit which could result in anywhere between a $100-$1,000,000+ return. You could never dream of a return that large in the games listed above. Also, the closest comparison you can make with Keno is a lottery which generally has a house edge of at least 30-40%.

Online Keno Tips

When playing online Keno, always play with the maximum amount of coins allowed, this may sound obvious, but you are cheating yourself by not doing this. Do not stress out over which numbers to pick, picking 5 numbers in a row will yield no better or worse return vs. picking 5 random numbers, it is just like playing the lottery in that aspect. The more numbers you pick overall, the bigger your potential top prize, however the more numbers you pick, the lesser chance you are giving your chance of winning the top prize.

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For example, if you pick only 4 numbers your prize for getting 4/4 may be modest, but you have a much better chance of getting 4/4 numbers correct than 10/10 or more. Do not worry about any advanced keno strategies, there are no strategies to this game, just pick numbers and hope for the best.

Where Can You Play Keno Online?

There are many online casinos where you can play keno online. My first recommendation is Bovada Casino. Here you can play Keno online instantly, without having to download anything. You can play there online for free until you feel comfortable enough to play with real money. You do not want to bet money on anything before you are familiar with it. RTG casinos are the best online casinos accepting USA players, whereas Playtech casinos are the best option for non-USA players.

Keno History

Keno is a casino game rooted in history. The consensus is that Keno was originated in China hundreds, possibly thousands of years ago. The latest findings state that Keno was played in China over 2,000 years ago! This makes Keno LotteryKeno one of the oldest of the popular casino games. In comparison slot machines have only been around since the late 1800s and no one knew of blackjack 21 until the early 1600s!

These days Keno is played around the world and is even used in state lotteries [Massachusetts] to help raise money for governments and education. Keno is not as mainstream as other casino games, but it is still fairly well known.

Online Keno Summary

Playing Keno online is a ton of fun to say the least. Playing Keno is gambling, you should not try to make a living playing Keno and you should never expect to make more money than you lose, the odds are stacked against you. However there is nothing wrong with wagering money that you can afford to lose as long as you are having a good time. This is why I am such a big fan of Keno, it is very easy to pick up on and play. As long as you do not take Keno too seriously and you play within your limits you are sure to have a good time playing keno online.