Free Online Keno

Have you ever played Keno? If you’re like me, then maybe not. I was always afraid to play while in a casino for not really knowing how to play or anything about the game. While creating this site, however, I have learned a lot about the game from its history, the odds, and how to play.

These days I love to play Keno… its not as simple as I once thought it was. True, there is a lot of luck involved but that can be said for every casino or poker game you play. What excites me the most about Keno is just the sheer amount of money you can win in a short period of time.

As long as you keep your betting under control the game is a ton of fun. I practiced quite a bit using the free flash version at a couple of casinos before depositing and playing for real. These days I don’t play it every day or anything, but I still throw a few dollars at it from time to time hoping to hit it big.

If you already play the Lottery like myself, then learning Keno isn’t that much different. Play Keno for free online below– this is a Flash version of online Keno as seen on Bovada Casino.

It takes about 10-15 seconds to load on the first try so be patient, its a ton of fun!

Do you remember the correct strategy? The rules? If not, better study up and try it again. My favorite strategy is to bet a lot of numbers for a couple of rounds and then bet small. Using this strategy I’ve managed to breakeven over the past several months and, while I lose more often than I win there is just something to be said about the feeling that you get from winning.