How To Play Keno

Are you looking for information on how to play Keno? Keno is a very basic casino game and very easy to learn. I will go over how to play Keno below.

Keno is basically a lottery game in which numbers are ‘drawn’ and you want to have matching numbers chosen on your board. The Keno board consists of 80 numbers, start at 1 and ending at 80. Before the round starts players must choose anywhere from one to fifteen numbers on the board. The more numbers you choose the higher payout you can receive but the lower probability you will hit all the numbers. When you are done choosing your numbers the round will begin and the machine will randomly start to select twenty different numbers.

The object of Keno is to match up your numbers with the numbers being randomly drawn on the Keno board. Depending on how many numbers you have chosen will depend on how many numbers you need to match up to be paid out. For example, if you have chosen three numbers you will need to match two or three of those numbers with the ones that have been drawn. If you have chosen 15 numbers you will need at least seven of your numbers to match up. Of course the more numbers that match the more money you will win. Your payouts will be shown to you before the round starts so you can see how many numbers you need to match up.

Keno - How to Play

Not every Keno game is the exact same, as they vary in some ways. Some Keno games at casinos only allow you to play up to 10 numbers per round, while other go as high as 15. The payouts at some Keno games may also differ so it’s best to compare each game.

Some online casinos offers great payouts for Keno, and at some of them you can choose up to 15 numbers for huge payouts!

When playing online or live at casinos you will also be able to do a quick pick which will generate the numbers for you, making it so you don’t have to pick the numbers each round. You can also choose to play a certain number of rounds with the same numbers.

Well those are the basic rules on how to play Keno, Enjoy and good luck!