Play Keno On A Mac

You may love your Mac, but the majority of the online casinos do not necessarily feel the same way (or actually acknowledge that Mac users exist). Therefore playing keno on a Mac – real money Keno that is – can be rather difficult. There are very few online casinos who offer a dedicated Mac download version of their software, for the most part it is just assumed that the whole world runs on Windows!

Why dont many casinos cater to Mac users you ask? Mainly because that would involve creating a completely different version of their software altogether and those rooms that have tried it in the past found there was not enough demand to justify the extra expense.

Therefore, if you do want to play Keno, or any other casino game, on your Mac your best bet is to find casinos that offer an instant play/flash play option. This option allows you to play directly in your browser without having to download or install any kind of software at all.

Mac keno

The gameplay in instant/flash mode is the same as it is for playing via a download, but site speed and your own Internet connection speed are potential drawbacks. If you have a spotty connection consistent play may be hard to maintain and if the site happens to be running slow (which some do, especially during peak hours) you may encounter similar difficulties. You also need to ensure that you are diligent in updating your Flash player, otherwise all you might see are broken images.

Security is understandably a big issue if you are going to play real money Keno or other games. The good news is though that casinos that do offer Flash play also implement some tough encytion standards so their real money Flash players can feel more secure.