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For US players real money online gambling has become a complicated, murky issue that many people have (understandably) become rather confused about.

Is it legal to gamble online or not? Why, with so many online casinos making the decision to cut US players off are there any casinos left to welcome them?

Below you can find a little more information about the most reputable US casinos online to help you understand the facts behind the fiction, as well as the best USA casinos to play keno online.

There is no Federal US Law that Makes Internet Gambling Illegal

One big misconception is that there is a federal law in the US that makes online gambling illegal but that is not the case. No real money online gambler has ever been fined, prosecuted or otherwise censured for placing real money bets by the federal government because there is simply no law against it. The government is just not always too keen on people being aware of that fact though!

US State Laws on Internet Gambling

There are some states that have implemented regulations against online gambling but there are very few prosecutions and penalties that have ever been enforced under them (although that may change any day).

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Internet Gambling and US Banks

Where the law becomes very murky is in regard to banks and online casinos. It is illegal under federal law for banks to handle online gaming transactions (not for the player to make them, but for the bank to allow them).

This means that a US player will find it much harder to fund an online real money casino account. Most credit card companies have chosen not to allow their cards to be used to fund such accounts although not because that is mandated by law (there are a few exceptions, players would have to check with their individual company).

The funding options left to a US real money gambler are online payment services although PayPal, the biggest of these services, will not allow US players to use their service to fund online gambling accounts (although for players everywhere else in the world its fine). Some sites help US players fund their accounts using a money transfer service like Western Union although that is not always the most secure way to do things.

As you can now see it is funding an online real money account that is so hard in the US. This fact alone led many online casinos to decide to no longer accept US real money players at all, together with the fact that there are a number of lawmakers in the US who do want to see a federal law against online real money gambling enacted and they did not wish to become embroiled in potential legal problems.

Casinos Accepting USA Real Money Players

There are still some Internet casinos that are willing to welcome US real money players. The problem is that many of them still do not support a funding method that a US based player can use efficiently and cost effective. There are a few VISA and MasterCard issuers who have not put a ban on funding online gambling accounts but they are few and far between. Here is a little about some of the handful of online casinos that not only accept US real money players but actually make it possible for them to fund their real money accounts: