Real Money Keno

When you play real money Keno typically in a restaurant, bar or casino you must write down which numbers you would like to choose on a special printed Keno card which get fed into a computer (very similar to lotto numbers). In an online situation you are presented with a virtual version of a Keno card and can simply point and click on the numbers you want to choose.

If you are looking for a Keno game in an online casino you will have to dig a little in many of the larger rooms as it is usually hidden away in the specialty games section and is not as heavily promoted as the card and slots offerings that are available. That being said almost every online casino does offer Keno somewhere on their site.

How To Play Real Money Keno

The basics of playing Keno are very simple. The Keno board looks a lot like a lottery ticket and the player is allowed to pick up to 15 numbers per draw. Numbers are then drawn at regular intervals and players who have a certain number of matching numbers are declared winners.

Keno for real money

The only real strategy you can implement when playing Keno comes when choosing the numbers you want to play. Some people go with the old standbys – their birthday, their spouse’s birthday, part of their phone number and so on. Others stick to what they deem their lucky numbers while there are those who just choose to go the random route (because in the end it doesn’t matter).

Betting On Real Money Keno

In both offline and online Keno, the player picks anywhere from 1 to 15 numbers from a range of 1 to 80. Then, 20 numbers will be drawn from the same range. The more numbers the player picked that match the drawn numbers, the more the player wins; players should choose how many numbers based on both how much they are willing to lose and also how much they could potentially win. For example, if you choose only 1 number you can only win up to 4 times your bet, but if you choose 10 you can win many, many times that (but likely wont). There is really no other betting strategy involved beyond this which makes Keno one of the only real games of chance you can find in a casino.

There are those serious real money Keno players who believe that if you watch the numbers that there are ways to work out the probabilities of certain numbers coming up. The numbers are randomly generated in the same way as slots combinations or roulette so it doesn’t exactly matter which numbers you choose (but yet, it is still a lot of fun to play).

History Of Real Money Keno Games

The argument that Keno is the oldest casino game is a very good one. History of Keno can be traced back to ancient China with evidence that early Chinese emperors used Keno to raise money to fund their military efforts. There are even those that say that the Great wall of China was built entirely off the profits the royal family made from organizing Keno games for the masses!

Keno came to the the US in the 1800s, introduced by Chinese immigrants coming to the United States to work on the railroads. It was not until 1931 that Keno was declared legal in Nevada though and then only because it was claimed that it was not really a casino game but a horse racing game!

Where Can You Play Keno Online For Real Money?

As Keno is a very simple game choosing the best online casino to play it in will really come down to figuring out which of them offers the best bonuses to Keno players and there are some sites that are more Keno friendly than others.